How to Find the Best Car Shipping Company for Your Auto Transport Needs

How to Find the Best Car Shipping Company

There are times when car shipping is the most economical option when travelling from one location to another. Perhaps you have purchased a car in another part of the country or maybe you are moving and need it transported because you are driving the truck. In any case, if you need your car or truck shipped to another part of the country, there are several factors that you will need to take into consideration.

What to Look for in Car Shipping

The first step is the reason for having your vehicle transported over a long distance instead of using other methods. If your vehicle is older and may not make the trip or perhaps it’s a classic and you want to preserve it better than exposing it to the elements.

Licensed & Insured: You should start with auto transportation companies that are properly licensed with local and state authorities. Plus, they need to be insured for most types of accidents or incidents that can cause damage to your vehicle or its theft. You may find that insurance over a pre-set amount cost extra, but that is okay as long as the charges are not outrageous. If a company is not licensed or insured, then you need to pass them up.

Reliability & Reputation: Here, you will want to search for customer reviews, business associations, and reviews from respected companies such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see the overall reaction the business has had with the public. While even the best companies will have a few negative reviews, you should look for a pattern of either good or bad behavior such as being late, not reporting damage and so forth.

Special Circumstances: If your vehicle is larger or has something unique about it that needs extra protection, then you should search for a company which can handle that particular need. This is especially true of classic cars as you want to protect their value.

You’ll also want to look for checklist and photo section so that you can go over the car with the driver and take pictures of your vehicle before it gets shipped. A good car transportation company will offer that service to help protect your vehicle. Once you narrow the choices down to two or three, you can then call each one and talk to them about their additional services, price quotes and the like before making your decision.

Why Provides the Best Value in Auto Transportation

At Motor Car Trans, we provide the best in car shipping information thanks to our top of the line service that helps you find competitive prices. There are several reasons why our company is the one you should consider for the best in car shipping;

  • We help you find the best value
  • We do the research for you
  • We provide competitive quotes from multiple shippers

You can shop and compare different companies until you find the one that offer the cheapest car shipping while protecting your vehicle. This is why Motor Car Trans is the first place to go when looking for the right auto transportation company for your needs.

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