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Why Us

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Motor Car Trans is the leader in auto transport business. Fastest way to get competitive quotes for your vehicle transportation needs is Motor Car Trans. We will save you hundreds of dollars by providing you with multiple competitive quotes from different shipping companies who will compete for your business.


What To


After filling out the above quote request form, in cooperation with our shipping partners we will send you up to 8 quotes for your transport needs. You will be able to compare a range of prices and options from our partners which will allow you to save hundreds of dollars.

Once you have reviewed the quotes, please contact our licensed and insured shippers to get answers to any questions you may have regarding your auto transport. Rest assured that we will take excellent care of your vehicle, we have handled thousands of vehicle moves and have excellent reputation.  Contact us directly if you have any questions.

How To


How do you choose the best option?  Cheapest is not always the best, pay attention to the details provided in the quote.  Call the shipper to discuss any special needs directly and – negotiate.  The only way to ensure that you get the best value is to have options and negotiate the best deal.  That’s why we are here – to provide you with the tools for success.

There are many custom options that you can add to the basic quote, such as car cover, faster routes, custom handling, enclosed trailer.  Make sure you discuss these with the shipper to ensure that your quote includes all the options that you have requested.



We have partnered with hundreds of shipping companies across the country in order to provide you with this free service.  Our network of partners of licensed and insured companies is top notch, all have excellent reputation and history of excellence.

Whether your need is for a local transport, cross state, or cross country; short time move to college, or long term move to a new home for your family, we are here to help.  There are a lot of things to worry about when you are in the process of moving, let us take one headache away by providing you with an easy and secure way to shop for the best transport rate for your vehicle.

how does it work


Request a Quote

Fill out the quote request form above and fill in all relevant information.  Submit the quote request and we’ll take it from there.


We shop for you

We will send your information to our network of trusted shippers for review.  We will find providers who service your origin and destination and will request a quote on your behalf.


Review quotes

You will receive up to 8 competitive quotes for your car transporting need.  Review the quotes to ensure that all the information is correct and that they contain all the information that you have requested.



Contact several providers and negotiate the best deal.  We are here to provide you with the tools to get the best deal, so review the information on our website to arm yourself with tools for success.


Select a shipper

Select the best option and contact the shipper to schedule a pickup of your vehicle.  It is important to schedule a convenient location and time for your vehicle pickup.  Our shippers will do all that they can to accommodate your needs.



Your vehicle is in good hands.